The Domino Effect The story of the revolutionary management practices that helped Domino’s Pizza leapfrog past well- established networks of competitors to become a huge success. Niche Selling A pioneering work in marketing, clearly showing techniques on how to define, identify, market, and profitabily sell to unique, unsatisfied, consumer segments. It’s the difference between growth and stagnation. Flight Plan for Living A light-hearted self-help book that relates navigating through life to the way professional pilots routinely navigate the globe. The simple stories are easy to remember and rich in content that will touch your heart and mind. Return to Welcome Page Aviation, Internet, software, & training Visit the gallery of book covers Samples of training experience Total solution for millions of customers ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI Congressional lobbying, magazines & newspapers Write, call, or visit Linked In A fun history Managing at The Speed of Change The only thing constant in business these days is change. But change is naturally a very disruptive process for people, so when it happens in business---and it’s happening every day---this book gives you strategies to embrace and prosper from change.