Return to Welcome Page Aviation, Internet, software, & training Visit the gallery of book covers Samples of training experience Total solution for millions of customers ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI Congressional lobbying, magazines & newspapers Write, call, or visit Linked In A fun history Airline Transport Pilot I’ve logged more than 9,800 hours, about 9,300 in jets, the rest in various prop aircraft, mostly in my own Beech Baron. I have both single-engine and multi-engine ratings on my ATP. Combined with my military, airline, corporate, and GA experience, I’m an ideal mentor pilot for today’s high-performance single-engine turboprops, as well as the next generation of single-engine jets. And, with my CFI and CFII, I can sign you off on your BFR and IPC. Certified Flight Instructor I logged 800 hours of instructor time in USAF jets, plus 400 hours instructing in simulators. I now hold CFI and CFII, rated for both ASEL and MSEL. I’m still an active pilot, with current Second Class medical and flight instructor status. My ratings are detailed below, next to each current certificate. Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ASEL, MSEL, N-265) Diamond DA-40 w/G-1000 I owned this G1000 equipped DA-40 for about four years, and used it to add the single-engine rating to my ATP. Call me for your next BFR or instrument proficency rides, or just to maintain currency.  Cirrus SR-22 and SR-20 I’m current in both Cirrus models, and training out of Leesburg (KJYO) and Manassas (KHEF). I’m experienced in both Avidyne and G1000 avionics suites. Beech Baron E-55 with D'Shannon IO-550 engines Atlantic Airways rental fleet Beech Baron I owned this Baron for about three years--- fabulous plane! I’d love to conduct your next BFR or instrument proficiency rides in your Baron. Diamond DA-40 with G-1000 Insructor ratings for both ASEL and MSEL ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI