Customer Materials & Packaging Designed and created kits for broadband Internet subscribers for nearly every cable company in the country. The kits included my books, user guides, reference cards, installation guides, installation CD-ROMs, mouse pads and various other customer forms, as needed. And, they often included coax hardware bundles with cables and splitters, so that customers could self-install their new broadband service. I designed a variety of packaging including boxes, retail bubble packs, and a custom plastic DVD- style case. 10 Million Books Sold Published books in a large variety of fields to include programming language reference guides, software user manuals, training materials for several software packages, books about weather, computers, and the Internet, as well as ghost-written business books on varied topics such as selling, management, corporate business building, and personal self-help. Additionally, I published a regular column in a PC-related magazine. Other Writing and Functions For nearly eight years, I wrote a weekly, Sunday newspaper comic strip called Family PC Fun. Besides that, I’ve written for a variety of publications other than my own books, and that writing has gotten me involved in other functions besides writing. Return to Welcome Page Aviation, Internet, software, & training Visit the gallery of book covers Samples of training experience Total solution for millions of customers ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI Congressional lobbying, magazines & newspapers Write, call, or visit Linked In A fun history Computer Training More than 20 years of experience in computer training, working all over the U.S. as well as Africa, Europe, South America, Mexico, and Canada. Aviation, Internet, software, & training