Return to Welcome Page Aviation, Internet, software, & training Visit the gallery of book covers Samples of training experience Total solution for millions of customers ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI Congressional lobbying, magazines & newspapers Write, call, or visit Linked In A fun history NASA Many NASA technicians at the Greenbelt facility built the basics of their Web development knowledge in my HTML courses. Freelance Technologies Training database and bulk-mailing management to a diverse set of companies and government agencies took me all over the US and to four continents. WordPerfect Certified Instructor I became one of only 120 WP Certified Instructors in the country, which turned out to be a link that introduced me to many interesting people and brought me travel all over the country, as well as consulting work on creating large technical documents. Census Bureau Hundreds of Census Bureau employees went through my Web development class to learn how to build both the public Internet site as well as their agency intranet site. Teaching came early for me, when I became a USAF instructor pilot at Andrews AFB in DC. I trained countless USAF pilots including two USAF Chiefs of Staff, one Thunderbird pilot, several Air Force One pilots, and even a space shuttle astronaut. When I left the flying profession, I was naturally drawn to training in other technical areas. Training for hundreds of Census employees in Internet and intranet development Training and consulting for database and mail management software Traveled the country helping HUD implement a WordPerfect-based project management program Trained NASA technicians in Web development Training and consulting for law firms, government, and industry HUD HUD sent me all over the country to train computer users how to implement a new project development system. Samples of training experience